Words 8 | Dick Dastardly

An episode where

  • Blown Save – blow job
  • Closer – a man who gets a lot of dates
  • Dick Dastardly – person farting to distract another while working;  a methane smokescreen
  • Hold – hand job
  • Inside job – sex as in hand job or blow job; banging a coworker
  • Muttley – said person laughs sneakily when it know  they’ve done a Dick Dastardly maneuver
  • Pound The Chest – being macho to obnoxious levels
  • Save – sex
  • Soiled Napkin – white trash
  • Spring Training – a girl looking really good in the spring but won’t make it until summer; getting right for the summer
  • Swatting Flies – fingering a stinky vagina