This Is What Happens When You Rebound

Thought Catalog

When you are dumped, left for the next, discarded, not texted back, your friends will offer up words of encouragement with the intent to make you feel better. Invariably, you will hear from somebody that the best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else. This person is usually jaded about relationships, but analyzing the type of person that says something like this is a topic for another time.

So you decide to move on. You resolve to get under somebody else.

You probably feel unsexy, undesirable, unwanted, un-a lot of things. Your self-esteem has been totaled by somebody that you trusted, and you feel an acute, crushing sense of panic that nobody will find you attractive ever again. But, inevitably, somebody does. Whether you meet this new somebody while inebriated at a big party or casually, accidentally in line at the closest coffee shop, this somebody…

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