The Dos And Don’ts Of Having A Relationship In Your 20s | Elite Daily


Above is the face of a man with way too many opinions on relationships, life and pop culture. Not of which is bad but he has microphones and a keyboard.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Having A Relationship In Your 20s | Elite Daily.

The Do’s 

  1. Have a Date night | I totally agree here! Here’s an opportunity for me and a girlface to share an experience like cooking dinner together and watching a terrible action movie or ordering in and watching a terrible action movie. Irregardless a terrible action movie is in the equation here.
  2. Split the check | Bingo! I’ve gone on dates – let’s call them food excursions where somehow I’m paying for a dame’s company (strangely this isn’t prostitution) and the bill is $100 ( Rob only had a latte & a scone). I’m not a cheapskate but I’m also not a bankroll – if we’re going to an expensive place at least offer to pick up a check or to split it. It’s appreciated.
  3. Be Honest About Your Intentions | This is a big one. I loathe the whole nebulous “we’ll see where it goes” approach. Kick rocks. Improve your vetting process and remember that everyone wears a mask early on in a relationship/dating. Some masks are more deceptive than others. Honesty is a chief attribute for me. If you want to hang and bang –  great. If you want a plutonic, dick-in-a-glass-case kinda bloke – cool (my dick fits snugly into most glass cases) but be upfront an honest before a guy gets invest and later becomes a dick because you were nebulous and not so forthright.
  4. Give Them Space | Yep! I like baseball, scotch, nice clothes and space. I very much like the girl I’m with (when I’m with a girl – RL is single) but I don’t need her around (ever). I want her around but we’re two separate people – there’s horseshit I love and bullshit she loves. Those shits don’t necessarily have to mingle in some weird, barnyard fecal escapade.
  5. Have Fun | Agreed! Make the time that you spend the best time. Its like a job in some ways – the adage of “doing what you love and you’ll never work”. This applies to relationships/dating – work is hard but doesn’t have to be, relationships are hard and shouldn’t be. Keep them fun. Don’t be selfish, be comfortable and not bitchy/dickish for the sake of being bitchy/dickish. We’ll all have fun and it’s that the reason you’re together.

The Don’ts

  1. Bombard Social Media With Your Photos  | Seriously no one give a shit. It’s inevitable that someone is a hater and will talk shit. You’re over-saturating the twitterverse, facebookland (time stamp – Rob Lee copyright) with your couple-selfies. Not a good look, no one wants to be inundated with that – it’s like it’s not a REAL relationship (snark engage).
  2. Text Their Friends | Under no circumstances do you need my friend’s contact info and I don’t need your’s. I’m an adult and that’s a access code to poor self-confidence fuel stalking. Also, it offers an opportunity for you’re girl or guy to have something against your friend and potentially cause static unnecessarily.
  3. Reveal Your Past Voluntarily | I don’t want to know your body count. It doesn’t matter unless you have a prolapsed vagina and that would be a deal-breaker. Guys don’t take info like that well and rather not reciprocate.  It comes off, when delivered voluntarily, like you have a burden to get off your tits. Not jazzed for it. I appreciate honesty but this is a different “honesty”.
  4. Nag/Complain | I’m an adult and I don’t need to be reminded (nagged if you will) about anything. Remind me sure but don’t inundate me. Complaints are fine occasionally but to often leads to a role change – from girlface to concerned parent. Act accordingly.
  5. Try and Change Them | It can’t happen. Why is your ideology, approach better than anyone else’s? You want to mold someone into a better version of who they are or to mold them into what you want. You got together because of who they we’re – quasi-beard, 6’4, hipster glasses, black guy with too many opinions – but now that’s not good enough. You’re high! He’s not gonna be a 5’7, muscular filipino man because that’s what you’re interested in. That shit won’t happen. Acceptance is key here.

Well, that’s me breaking some shit down. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t.

– Rob Lee ( @mastermindrw )