New Music: Sampha – Happens

Great tune

Backseat Mafia


A piano drops, while a single sultry falsetto line glides seamlessly through the sky, before burning up into the heavy, melancholic atmosphere of ‘Happens’. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A new James Blake Croon-Pop ballad maybe? No. This is the sound of Sampha finally completing his journey out of SBTRKT’s shadow.

The Duel EP set the ball rolling, with its hazy lo-fi-not-lo-fi production, cusped vocals and slighted lyricism cutting a path out of the glitchy ‘post…London’ beats of the aforementioned towering producer, which was continued star-ward by the (famous chart monolith sampled) ‘Too Much’ (the A side to ‘Happens’ AA). But its ‘Happens’ itself that, for me, establishes Sampha as a force due praise purely on his own merits, this is the one that sets him up as not just being a constantly rentable ‘feat.’ slot// Hipster Minaj.

For although on this new track there are the…

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