Happy Father’s Day?

There’s something that really grinds my gears

It’s Father’s Day – YAY!!!! (sarcastically). I agree that you should acknowledge parents, mothers and fathers, for the role they play in continuing society, rearing children, etc. I even agree that it should be two separate days as it currently stands. I think this separate is a necessity since mothers play a different role than fathers and both may valued in different ways to their offspring. However, the view of Father’s Day is poorly represented as a day of bitter women and unnecessary remarks.

It’s a Day for a Parent.

Mother’s Day is a day where children spend time with Mom and probably buy her flowers – at least that’s something one could do. That’s a fine, perfectly acceptable practice. Also, people will take to Facebook and Twitter to send out best wishes for the Mom’s out there. That’s all good and everyone is Hakuna Matata. You’d expect the same thing for Father’s Day, since it’s a day for a parent, good ol’ dad. But no (queue ominous music) bitter dames have sullied it, turning father’s day as a platform for bitter tweets and status updates. There’s a notion that men are just “sperm donors” or Father’s Day is “Mother’s day 2”. It’s all unnecessary. Sure, if you have a child with a bloke and he’s not it the kid’s life then he’s not a good father, he’s a absentee father. In some instances, the bloke isn’t around because he regrets having kids, he regrets having them with some of you women.  Some say “father” is a verb. Also, just because you are equipped to give birth doesn’t, by happening, make you a good mother, ladies.  Father’s day is intended to be a day to recognize the dudes who are father and doing what they should for their kids. It’s not a day for bitter people to expel negativity via social media.

In closing, just come with a little reverence for Father’s Day – there are father out that are doing the right thing. Also, if you’ve got nothing positive to say, stay away from the keyboard – with you’re bitter-ass….

– Rob Lee