Choose Yer Words Wisely

Fast Food

Fast Food (Photo credit: SteFou!)

Have you ever thought of the power of words? I’ve been described as a bloke that over-analyze ish – so, there’s nothing difference about my analysis of words.

Firstly, the use of words like “cute”, for instance, can lead to some serious ish. I would prefer for a broad to call me “handsome” or “ugly” vs. “cute”. I contend this word is misused and overused. “Cute” is a word dizzy dames use to describe some horseshit heels or a puppy, not a bloke that they are dating or could be inside them.  “Love” is misused in the same manner but also as a “fix-all”. How many times do dudes cheat on a dame and claim they love the victim but is just cheating to satisfy a carnal urge. You just like strange pussy, keep love, since its yer excuse, out of this equation.

Secondly, I have a background in marketing, so I look for small ish that companies try to do to make old product seems new or to increase profits. For instance, “premium” is another one of these questionable words. I would assume I’m getting items of low nutritional merit if I’m eating fast food, but if I pay a little more I’ll get “premium” chicken – so I guess it includes less MSG and only one strain of E.Coli. “Artisan” is another word used in fast food – “artisan” elicits the notion of “art” or “not plentiful” and “skillfully crafted” – nothing is crafted in fast food, ish is mass produced.

In closing, these are a few examples that I hope open your eyes to the horseshit that’s going on. Also, just be happy that “swag” and its derivatives have petered out.

-Rob Lee