Talking Trash with Ash – Episode 1: Wake Up World, Cause I’m About To Bring You Some More Of It…

Today starts DAY 1 of my podcast, Claude and Desigirl my co anchors will be joining me in my first episode. Sure to have random guests chiming in as well in the future. Uh decided to start this because people are idiots and I think me and my friends should talk openly about it and record it. I mean thats really the long and short of it. I do the social networking thing but so many folk judge me on those things. I dont feel free. Trust im not a bad person… these are all jokes. If you take it personally then thats between you and your sweet baby Jesus.
and to close, fuck your mother.

– Ash

First Episode, sorry the levels are sooo off. Im drowning out Des and Claude. Next time ill be better. Kinda hairy at the beginning but meh, we do what we can…

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