Really: Bradley Cooper As ‘The Crow’

Cover of "The Crow (Miramax/Dimension Col...

The Crow

I dug the original Crow flick. I loved Bruce Lee and subquently his son – Brandon Lee ( he was the bomb in Showdown in Little Tokyo). Brandon died tragically during the film – I hold actors that die during filming at a high regard (i.e – Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight.) The Crow on its own was a great movie – to me a classic. The sequels were shit (although, I sorta liked the second one. But the one with Edward Furlong was ass) and the TV show was garbage. I think Brandon Lee makes The Crow and the character died with him. Bradley Cooper is an OK actor – I liked The Hangover and Limitless was fine but this Crow reboot business shouldn’t be happening. I’m not sure if Cooper can pull off the brooding angst of a dead man – he’s too lively of an actor. I’ll file this movie under ‘bad idea’.

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– RL